A word of advice before proceeding.

This methodology is cutting-edge science.  


This site has attempted to demystify some of the terms you may run across. The Science  section and others to come put information out for you.  Please avail yourself to this resource. However, the data base is so large that we can only touch on the subject briefly.

Fifty years ago, the Dick Tracey cartoon featured a watch that

could be spoken into like a phone.  The idea seemed far-fetched

at the time and was considered science fiction.  We now regularly

use iPhones and other technology.  As far as Dick Tracey goes, 

science fiction has become reality.

Remember the sick bay on the Star Trek starship Enterprise? 

New advances are continually being made in our knowledge base.

We are approaching the day, when treating maladies like they did

on the sick bay of the Star Trek starship Enterprise, will be

"normal".  This methodology is putting us one step closer to that


Welcome, friend.  Look forward to meeting with you soon.

"G-d made everything,

and science is simply the description of everything."

Dr. Caroline Leaf

What To Expect


Does It 


The Emotion Code (including The Heart Wall) is:

  • Non-Invasive - No personal information needs to be shared.

  • Painless - No dredging up of the past.

  • Cost effective - Compared to other kinds of therapy.

  • Cutting-edge Science

  • Totally Safe

  • Absolutely Confidential

we start like this:
  • Decide on a topic.  

  •  I begin with a silent prayer asking for wisdom and direction from Abba, our Heavenly Father.

  •  We start the session by asking                     permission to connect energetically with   you (like making a cell phone        connection).  

  • I ask your subconscious:  "Is there a Trapped Emotion that we can release from (you) today?"

  • If affirmative, I begin to locate the Trapped Emotion on the Chart.  (See to the right.)

  • I then ask if we need to know anything more before we release it. Often we can just go ahead. Sometimes we need to get a couple of details such as age, the other person involved (relative, co-worker, etc.)  The subconscious may need you to be aware of the related event before the emotion can be released. No other details need to be shared.

  • We release it by running a magnet down the Governing Meridian.  (You do know that you can erase the information on the magnetic strip of your credit card by swiping a magnet across that black strip? This works just like that.)

  • It is just that simple!  The effects are powerful and long-lasting.

    Please see the Q & A section below as we 

    debunk common myths.​


Do You


Be sure to check the Q & A below that may address your questions.


Everything we ever experienced, felt or thought is stored in our computer-like mind.

Using applied kinesiology, we can give a "voice" to that subconscious.  We can only ask "yes" or "no" questions.

To locate the emotion, we ask:  "Is it in Column A or B?"  Next, we ask: "Is it in the odd Rows or even Rows?"  In like manner,

if it is in the odd Rows, we ask:  "Is it in Row 1, Row 3 or 5."  Then we go through the five emotions listed there and find the one that tests as "yes".

In this way, we can proceed very quickly and release many emotions in a short time.

See The Emotion Code Chart is below.


What Can I Expect After?

You should feel just fine after a session.  For a few, maybe for 20 - 30%,  you might experience a mild cleansing reaction while the body processes the changes.   Everyone is different.  This process may last a couple of hours or longer.  If that occurs, remember to be easy on yourself.  If necessary, allow for some additional time to rest.  This will enable your body to heal itself more quickly.

Some unlucky few become more emotionally sensitive, cry, experience fatigue, have difficulty sleeping, vivid dreams and very rarely experience nausea following a session.  Normally this could last from one to two days. As a consolation, you would be told that you are "detoxing" and that it just means that the session worked.  

Please note that it is important to stay well hydrated as this will assist your body in the process of cleansing.

Q & A

Can someone act as a proxy for me?

Yes, that does not pose any problems at all.  For the duration of the session, another person can volunteer to stand in for you. That is how a practitioner can do a session for you remotely.

How can you release "Trapped Emotions" over the phone, by Skype or even email?  

Are our thoughts limited by distance?

Thoughts know no limitation of distance.  That is clearly demonstrated in the video to the right and in the article published in a scientific journal PLOS titled: "Conscious Brain-to-Brain Communication in Humans Using Non-Invasive Technologies"  dated August 19, 2014.

Video titled:  "Brain to Brain Interface Communication".

Can this work even if I am on the other side of the world from you?

Yes, of course!  This theory was rigorously tested and proven scientifically.  See video to the  upper right.

If you are still having difficulty believing that the mind is powerful enough to send meaningful signals, you might like to read an article from the MIT Technology Review titled:  "Wheelchair Makes The Most of Brain Control" published September 12, 2010.

About the Video  "Brain to Brain Interface Demonstration"

University of Washington researchers can transmit the signals from one person's brain over the internet and use these signals to control the hand motions of another person within a split second of sending that signal. The research is a collaboration between the UW Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences, Computer Science & Engineering and the Department of Psychology.

This information was posted to youtube.com on November 10, 2014.

Oh My Gosh!  Does That Mean You Can Read My Mind?

Certainly not!  We are not yet at the stage of doing a Vulcan Mind Meld.  All the practitioner can do is obtain "yes" and "no" answers from your subconscious mind through "muscle testing".  That is all.  Rest assured that your thoughts remain totally private.


How Long Is A Session?

A session will last 20 to 30 minutes, depending on what selection you have chosen.  One person may only be able to release a few at a time.    Another person may be able to release one trapped emotion after another in quick succession during the time allotted.  The limiting factor is how much your own body can handle at that time.

My suggestion would be that if you want to maximize the number of trapped emotions released for that session, get a good night of sleep beforehand so that you are as well rested as possible.  However, the last word belongs to your subconscious and we have to honor whatever limitations it might impose.

Do you need permission to do healing work on me?

Yes, of course!  Informed consent is the cornerstone of medical ethics and it applies here as well.  It would be morally and ethically wrong for anyone to "work" on you without your knowledge and consent.  For an adult, vocal consent received will be enough.  For a child or someone who cannot give consent themselves (such as a person in a coma), permission from the legal guardian is required.

How many sessions will I need?

That depends on many things.  If you have had a lot of trauma and drama in your life you might need more sessions simply because there are more things to clear out. The question you have to answer is this; how free do you want to be?   Everyone and every situation are so different.  



Can I  feel a trapped emotion leaving?


Sometimes.  Some people are really in tune with their bodies and can sense the minutest change so they will most likely sense that.   It could be experienced as a sort of pleasant tingling, a sense of deep calm or peacefulness settling on you - much like a warm, comforting blanket on a cold day.  Have you ever had the experience of being exposed to loud, aggravating noise - like jackhammering at a road construction?   Once you get out of that area and into a quiet area you feel that great wave of relief?  It is like that.   However, it is not necessary to feel anything for the work to be successful.  Most of the time you will not notice anything in particular.  (You will see results in various improvements in all aspects of your life afterward - the more "trapped emotions" you release, the more life improvements you will see.)

How often should I have a session done?

It might be best to schedule the sessions at least one day apart, preferably two as this will give the body time to readjust itself.

Why do you run your hand over the Governing Meridian?

God is a God of order and created the energy pathways within us in ways that benefit us.  The Governing Vessel is the name of the energy channel which begins in the center of the upper lip and runs up and over the head all the way down the spine ending at the tailbone.  The Governing Meridian is a reservoir or energy and it connects to all the other energy pathways (meridians) throughout your body.  By running the magnet over the Governing Meridian, you are in effect, affecting all the other energy pathways throughout the body.  This is the most effective and quick way to release the "trapped emotions".

Why do you run your hand three times and sometimes ten?

Three times is enough if the trapped emotion originated from you. If these are passed down through the generations, we increase the number to 10 so as to clear the whole lineage.   

You say I can inherit "trapped emotions"?

That makes sense really.  If you can inherit your mom's eyes and your dad's nose, why can you not inherit "trapped emotions" as well?  The idea of "trapped emotions" being inherited is an intriguing one.  It might help explain why things run in families, such as the tendency to be angry, rash, have an addiction, etc.  The good thing is that you no longer have to be bound by your ancestry.  


A Final Word of Encouragement


You will be pleasantly surprised as time goes along, after a number of sessions, things that bothered you for some "strange reason" just do not bother you anymore. You might feel a newfound  inner strength you never had before or inner peace you never thought possible.  This will bring a new freedom for you that you will enjoy.

Ok, I am ready now.  

When can we start?


Your email will be answered promptly.  Usually within a few hours.  If for some reason our reply is not in your inbox, please check your spam folder.

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