Rosacea in full bloom. Misshapen face and bulge very noticeable and embarrassing. (Result of a procedure gone wrong.)  There also used to be an indentation in the cheek area that shows as a dark spot (almost like a bruise).



4 Body Code sessions.  BETTER color tone. Bulge GONE! The darkened spot GONE!

AMAZING!      ~  Name withheld as requested.

Body Code Success Stories

True Desire To Help

I just love Doris. I connected with her last month for the first time after she was recommended to me. Right off the bat, it felt like I already knew her. She is so gentle and nice. I could feel her loving transparent energy and true desire to help through our video call.


Our first session of 1 hour brought immediate resolution to a problem I was experiencing with my daughter for quite a few months. The week after that, I was going through a really difficult situation. I was so blown away by her, her knowledge and results of our first session, that I felt the confidence and complete trust to ask for her help again. I could not have had a better recommendation than Doris.

I am forever grateful for the help and the support that she provided me with during these tough times. I would have felt completely lost if she hadn't been there for me. Thank you so much Doris for your devotion and availability. With all my love,  ~  Karyne, Quebec, Canada

I Can Trust My Deepest Feelings & Not Be Afraid With Doris

I so look forward to my weekly time with Doris.  It is like getting my weekly emotional health shot, my tune up and alignment. Imagine improving your health by letting go of the old baggage.   It is not always about adding something new, but letting go of the past baggage is so freeing.  Let me tell you, Doris has a gift to help with this process and gets rapid results.   I can trust my deepest feelings and not be afraid with Doris. This experience with Doris has changed my life.        

Doris is not only my Body Code practitioner but now my dear friend and I  so look forward to my weekly time with her. As far as I am concerned Doris is my long, long term health and life support.   ~  Ruth, Ontario, Canada

Acid Reflux is probably one of the easiest imbalances to correct. Usually a couple or so sessions makes a major difference.  Here is what one person had to say after our first session:

Everything that Ms. Doris found and told me while working with me resonated with me. I felt physical shifts taking place in my esophagus area as she worked and now, four days later, can attest to the definite relief that has occurred with an acid reflux condition. Thank you very much for this opportunity, for your earnest devotion to help others and for the high degree of professionalism in your work.

~ Evelyn Villafante Studied Psychology/Sociolinguistics PhD Program at Yeshiva University, and received her BS  of Psychology at Boston College. (Massachusetts)  USA

Doris has helped me shift and release some stuck stuff.  She is so passionate about what she does and I felt so completely at ease from the start.  My TMJ had a big impact on my life, and Doris was able to go in and release some deep feelings held there.  I have word still to do but what I know for sure is my connection with this lovely lady will continue  I cannot recommend her highly enough and only wished she lived here in Dorset.  Melanie,  United Kingdom.  

I'm always amazed at how thorough and quick she is.  She uses discernment to get to the root cause and accomplish so much healing for me in a short amount of time.  I appreciate how understanding and helpful she is.  She puts a lot of care into her work.  I can't thank her enough for what she has done to improve my life.  Heydi, Montana

From Existing to Joy -  was existing this past winter, just doing the necessities to live .... I have now found my passion to help others and have come alive in my newfound business. This did not happen over night, allow some time and do the sessions and each week gives amazing results.  Doris has now become a very dear friend to me. Ruth, Ontario    To read more of her story, go to blog article here.  

Tinnitus - Had constant ringing in the ears for over a month.  Ringing was 10/10 for severity before we started.  Ten out of ten is the most severe rating.  As we progressed, the ringing decreased.  We got it down to a 1/10.  What a relief!  She is kind and knowledgeable.  I am very satisfied with my results.  Roxanne, New York State


Acid Reflux - Gone!  Read more.


Back Problems -  On morphine and pain killers and was awaiting surgery for disk replacements. ... Joy and happiness are the new norm.  Read more.  


Calm & Peaceful -  I can now think about that particular event without the pain attached to it.  I now feel calm and peaceful.  This is wonderful!  I can now focus on my work and can accomplish more things on a daily basis than I had been able to for a long time before.  May God bless the wonderful work you do.  Linda, Sydney, Australia 


Carpel Tunnel  -   My carpel tunnel bothered me for about 15 years.  Read more.

Claustrophobia - Was experiencing Was experiencing intense "overwhelming/claustrophobic" feelings just prior to our appointment; rated at a "9".  By the end of the session, those feelings went down to a "1".  M.L., Tennessee 

Existing to Joy - Read More.   Ruth, Ontario  

Fear - is no longer there to control me.  Read more.


Fear & Anxiety Before Surgery -  I was terrified.  Read More. 

Fast Heart Beat - My "normal range" was in the 120s.  Read more.  

Focus -   Now better able to focus.  And about a certain relationship issues:  "Animosity in the air is gone.  S.V. Canada

Foot -   I have been in physical therapy for 3 months for my left foot, and had made some progress, but really improved since working with Doris.  I am able to walk now without pain or limping!  K.S. Washington 

Kidney Failure - 

Insomnia & Sleep Paralysis - 

Lyme Pain - In Bowels went down from an "8" to a "2" the first time. Marlies, The Netherlands Read more.

Mind Chatter -  I feel lighter, calmer & have less chatter in my mind.  The constant deluge of old thoughts replaying themselves over and over has diminished significantly. 

Pets:  She is absolutely dedicated to improving all aspects of the lives of her clients, and that includes the well being of pets.  She has made intense efforts to help me and my little dog Charie and has succeeded on all counts.  I recommend her work highly.  Joan, Spokane, Washington State.

Read more about Charlie, Car Sick Rescue dog.

Rash - I no longer have to cover my face with concealer.  See before and after pictures.

M.L. Nashville, Tennessee Read more.

Root Cause -  She uses discernment to get to the root cause and accomplish so much healing for me in a short amount of time.   Heydi, Montana  Read more. 

Rosacea & Bulge On Face - See before and after pictures. Read more.

Sciatica Pain - Read more. 

Tinnitus -  Had constant ringing in my ears for one month.  Read more.  Roxanne, New York State

TMJ - I felt completely at ease from the start. I cannot recommend her highly enough and only wished she lived here in Dorset.  Melanie, United Kingdom  Read more. 

Vertebrae (Fractured) & Herniated Disk Pain -  Read more.

We are grateful to these lovely clients who wanted to share their stories with you about the benefits they received from their sessions with us.  Thank you!


Your email will be answered promptly.  Usually within a few hours.  If for some reason our reply is not in your inbox, please check your spam folder.

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