Energy Restoration

What is Energy Restoration

and what are the benefits?

Let us start with the benefits.


Energy Restoration (ER) is your best step forward to achieve the restoration/transformation you are looking for. 

Benefits reported by others who have gone through this program.

  • Speeds results of future Emotion Code/Body Code sessions.

  • Eliminates Heart Walls including secret and hidden ones.

  • Helps prevent the creation of more heart walls.


  • Improves all areas of life including relationships and financial

  • A greater sense of calm and clairity

  • Feeling more centered, happy and greater sense of wellness

  • A drastic increase in resilience and energy

  • Feeling more like you feel when you are on top of your game

  • Less prone to being destabilized

  • Less prone to getting carried away with emotions

  • You achieve a high state of coherence

  • Feeling more integrated physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

ER optimizes and balances the electrical systems of the body.  Corrections are done utilizing the same tools as used in the Emotion Code and Body Code. 

What Systems Does the ER work with?

The ER works with two of the major energy systems of the body which is the  blueprint created by G-d  and supersedes the law as given by G-d.  This was created on the sixth day of creation as part of Adam and Eve and God called it "very good".

The first system which we are familiar with, actually comes from a previously unknown energy system , called the Alaph Tav Body System spoken about by Dr. Alphonzo Monzo lll, a Naturopathic Doctor.  This  previously unknown system runs on plasma energy and is the origin of the energy systems we have heard about called "energy meridians" and "chakras".  A detailed article about this will be released soon.

This first energy system we are familiar with contains "energy meridians" and "chakras" runs on crystal energy.

Additional details about these can be found in the article:  "Christian Answers" found here.

Some Success Stories

Written permission has been received before these have been published, as is our policy across the board.

Chronic, Relapsing Low Energy Condition

I’ve done three sessions and I’m beyond delighted with the impact I’m noticing.

I’ve been struggling with a chronic, relapsing low energy condition for over 6 years
And I was trying my best to live with what I called my “kitten strength”

Learning to operate on an “energy” budget where the least little physical or cognitive effort would deplete my fragile energy stores

A most humbling and frustrating state to be in for this former high energy person.

After 6 years of trying everything under the sun to recover, 
I’d pretty much decided to live with it and make the best of my limited life; when I came across Emotion Code.

I found Doris!

And just knew her work was key for my further recovery. 

She suggested that we begin with energy restoration work.

And I’ve had three sessions in the last few weeks


I am so hopeful that I will actually recover.

I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my physical energy and endurance.

But the best test of all was this past weekend (after only 2 sessions), I attended a three day educational workshop. And I was nervous to attend, as I usually “noodle out” after an hour of intense focus.

I was so so delighted to discover that I was able to pay attention, learn new concepts and retain them.

A credit to the excellent instructor of course, but I’ve tried to attend many conferences in the last few years and I usually end up lying on a bench somewhere or reclined in my car trying to “recharge my batteries”.

I made the full three days!!!
Learned so much 
Was confident in my cognitive achievements 
And had energy to drive home 

This is truly life changing 

I can’t wait to keep going  ~ Kelly

Is The ER For You?


This is something everyone can benefit from.  This will help enable your body systems to work as they are intended.

Our body is like a computer system.  If your computer gets a virus, then the systems will not work correctly.  In the same way, everything in our body is controlled by software systems.  If those systems become corrupted, then the body will not work very well.

This ER will seek, find and eliminate "computer viruses" in your system that are blocking you from working at your best.

Another way of putting it is this:  What do you suppose would happen if you change the oil in your car, but do not change the oil filter?  The end result is that the new clean oil going through the dirty filter would again clog up the oil in the engine and in the end, the engine would not work very well.

Our life is like that.  We have junk inside of us that accumulates and blocks our energy from moving as it should.    If you have junk inside you would like to remove, this is the best way.


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