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Updated: Mar 1

“If you have tried everything else, the one thing you are probably missing …. is the release of trapped emotions.” Jennifer.

It was my pleasure while I was certifying to be a practitioner in Body Code in 2018, to be able to meet and help them with all sorts of issues. When Jennifer mentioned her concerns, I knew I had my work cut out for me.

The following testimony has been used with her permission and knowledge .

Jennifer Speaks

“Oh my, what a blessing it was to meet Dori and work with her weekly. I so enjoyed our time together.

I feel amazing and being we have been removing layers and layers and layers of FEAR. (Not sure anyone would believe how many layers someone can carry.) It started from birth to my current age and goes back to my parents and ancestors etc.

Then we removed the heart-walls around each chakra. No one wants to come here with this much negativity in them, and I find it was stopping me from living my purpose here on earth. When you are not aware of how much negativity and concern is sitting in you and why you are not moving forward in life on your path ( for me that is), it blows you away when this knowledge comes forth. All this came forth with me when I said I wanted to look at my kidneys.

Kidneys Failing

I am told I am in kidney failure, so that is where we started asking the subconscious about what was going on with them. Of course, I never wanted our sessions to end. I am so looking forward to working more with Dori.

She is spot on, knows the information, is kind and compassionate, and I so love seeing that smile on her face each session. I felt very connected to her right away and felt comfortable and safe in each of our sessions.

I also do energy work so during our sessions I told her I could see the white light coming through her as she was swiping away these layers. I wish I could have taken a picture of it. So her energy and intuition and her healing abilities she provides are very genuine. She is very passionate about her work, and you can see that very easily.

I Feel Different & Confident

Fast forward now to me now after just 3 times with her. I feel different, I feel confident, and I have made arrangements to further myself out in this world; be my true self and not allowing that fear THAT IS NO LONGER THERE to control me. It is safe to be who I am. Trapped emotions in our bodies rule a lot of things and can cause disease, pain, and misalignment that throws us way off.


If you are struggling with anything that is not making you feel good or taking over your life when you think it should not be there, I would so highly recommend booking a session with Dori.

Try it what do you have to lose? ,,,,,, oh well that may be your pain and disease ???

Say goodbye once and for all!!!! Her sessions are so reasonably priced. I hope you will enjoy her as much as I do!!! This healing of trapped emotions is probably the one thing you are probably missing if you have tried everything else. Thank you, Dori, for all you have done for me.”

Article Written by Doris Morissette,

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Certified Body Code Practitioner

retired nurse after 23 years as Registered Nurse.


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Doris Morissette 

Retired Nurse (23 years as Registered Nurse)

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Certified Body Code Practitioner

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