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Updated: Apr 30

As A Christian, it is important to know and apply our spiritual armor which includes the shield of faith. Then there is the matter of what we can find as we work with The Emotion Code & Body Code which certainly requires us to be shielded. There is much discussion in the Emotion Code & Body Code world about the most effective shield. The one given to us by God is definitely the most effective one for us.

What Can Possibly Be Against Us?

If you are working to set the captives free, that fact alone might be enough to make you a target. Consider also that you may encounter offensive energies attached to your client.

You could also experience a transference of spirits or even an attachment called cording from clients. Those are just day-to-day things to be dealt with.

Then there is a third consideration. There could be things released from the realm of darkness that you might find if you are at this long enough. A few examples of these could be:

chemical, biological and germ warfare

quantum forces such as entanglement

nanobots, smart dust, devices and other weapons of sorcery and witchcraft

A Little More About Energy Technologies & Weapons

There is another level yet to this that you may or may not have come across yet.

For example, there are natural and good creations of God that he created for our benefit such as energy frequencies, sounds and vibrations. These can be (and are) weaponized by the evil side and used on unsuspecting individuals.

If you wish to explore the subject of how energy frequencies, sounds and vibrations can be used against us in more depth, you might wish to check out the publication from Kanaan Ministries titled Energy Technology & Weapons. See link to that below.

Here are a couple excerpts from that publication that you might find informative:

“You may come across “targeted individuals” who might be harassed by energy weapons.

They might muscle test for EMF – ElectroMagnetic Fields, ELF which stands for Extremely Low Frequency ( such as waves used in HAARP and some other harassment/mind-control technologies) and DEWs which stands for “Directed Energy Weapons”.

These weapons can “CREATE” fake symptoms of any injury, illness, and mental illness and cause REAL cancers, organ failure and suicides. “ 1.

Our Response

Applying the Blood to neutralize all energy weapons is one answer. But preventing them from entering in the first place, is a priority. Hence one reason for this article.

Saying a prayer or placing a shield is not like carrying around a magic charm. We also need to follow the instruction book (Torah/Bible) and we need to grow in our authority. We are told to submit ourselves to God, then the enemy will flee.

Keep in mind that we also have to pay attention and clean ourselves and our bloodlines of sin, iniquity and transgressions that can be used as a legal right against us to land something.

Are You Worthy? Do You Have Faith Enough?

Do you feel even slightly unworthy to do all the above? A little bit maybe? Consider this.

On the night of Passover, when the Israelites were instructed to paint the blood over their doorpost, what happened when the angel of death came to their house? Did he first have to check if the occupants were worthy to receive? No! The angel was instructed to pass over the houses with the blood on the doorposts. It was the blood that was counted as sufficient. The blood of the perfect lamb makes you worthy. That is enough.

Do you have the faith to do all this? Yes, you do. Remember that we only need faith the size of a mustard seed. How big is a mustard seed? If you are Canadian or European, you will comprehend 1 to 2 millimeters. If you are American, the imperial measurement would be about (0.039 to 0.079 of an inch. The real size of a mustard seed is just a speck really. That is all you need. Just a speck of faith.

We are told to renew our minds and put on the helmet of salvation, the belt of truth, the shoes of the gospel and the breastplate of righteousness, take up the sword of the spirit (word of God) and the shield of faith.

This Is Your Answer

If you have been looking for a prayer to protect yourself against the works of darkness – a prayer to help set your shield of faith in place, there is one that is very helpful that you might want to incorporate into your morning routine.

Here is the link for that: (This will download the Shield of Faith prayer.)

0_The Shield of Faith 2.0
Download PDF • 333KB

Why Do We Need This Article?

It is written: “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6.

The workers of iniquity do not want us to know what they are doing because they know that if we knew these things, we could destroy their evil works. They thrive on our ignorance.

It is time to take back what belongs to us.

Last Words

Fear not. Fear is of the enemy. We have been given what we need. So let us take back what the enemy has stolen and stand firm while we set the captives free.

Remember, we are to be the overcomers.

Dear reader, my heart is to reach practitioners and aspiring practitioners. More helpful articles will be coming your way. Thank you for your interest!


1. Energy Technologies & Weapons. Click link below to download.

EMF Research Energy Technology & Weapons
Download • 266KB

Please Note:

Our gratitude goes to Kanaan Ministries for giving us permission to use these resources.


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