The Emotion Code Chart & The Rescue Dog, Charlie

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This is the delightful story of how Charlie, a rescue dog, benefited as a result of the use of The Emotion Code Chart - a powerful tool to find root causes of emotional and physical pain so as to eliminate them.

Hi, my name is Doris and I am a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. In this story, you will meet my friend, Joan, and her rescue dog, Charlie. Joan lives about two thousand miles away from me, and we have never met in person. We have been long-distance friends for a couple of years now. In conversation one day, about 5 months ago, she mentioned the problems she was experiencing after rescuing her lovely poodle. (Charlie is the rescue poodle with the silver colouring in the picture.)

Since I was looking for another animal to be a case study for my certification, I asked Joan if she would be interested in allowing me to see what I could do to help the situation. Charlie was to be my first "distance" client.

Five months later, Charlie is thriving and even Joan benefited herself after some personal sessions.

The following is the story in her own words.

Meet Charlie

It was clear to me immediately that my newly rescued pup Charlie had been severely neglected and abused. He was extremely traumatized by the mere suggestion of being driven in a car and, when placed in one, would begin drooling and sometimes vomit. In addition, he suffered another dog crashing into his right front leg, breaking it badly. I had my hands full trying to get Charlie healed and, mostly, to trust me that I wasn’t going to harm him further. His little heart of gold couldn’t stand anymore hurt.

The Subconscious Has The Memory Of An Elephant!

Then along came Doris with her incredible methods of detection, healing, and empowerment. She did a lot of focused work removing Charlie’s issues that were caused by his previous owners, and she also began working on my own traumatic history which I thought I’d conquered long ago, of course. Little did I realize that the subconscious has the memory of an elephant! Thank you, Doris, for clearing up those deep, dark places and letting in the sunshine. What a relief!

But I Was Dubious

Back to my story: At the time I thought it was lovely of Doris to offer such an intense and dedicated effort to help both Charlie and me. But I was dubious. Nevertheless, my first observation of her skills began relatively quickly when I began to see that Charlie was becoming more comfortable with being in the car. This paralleled with less frequent avoidance of me and less fearful crouching when I reached out to him. Of course, one could say that these advances would have come in their own good time…but I suspect there was much more going on behind the scenes to bring us such good results so quickly.

Joan Also Finds Peace and Love

I recall that at about 2 or 3 weeks after Doris delved into my own areas of need, I felt a powerful calm sweep over me, empowering me and assuring me that I am loved…even by myself, which has always been a challenge for me. This was especially welcome because I was then recovering from a partial corneal transplant, and I needed all the divine healing energy I could experience!


I encourage anyone considering using Doris’s work to give it a try. I cannot predict your outcomes…but I can absolutely guarantee you will get Doris’s complete attention and remarkable skill. Besides that, you will learn much about yourself, and it’s a lot of fun!


Do you know of a rescue dog that still has issues after being rescued? Or someone that needs to know they are loved? Or have a need to bring sunshine into some deep, dark places? The Emotion Code Chart and a skillful practitioner are powerful tools that can help!


Joan Mootry is from Washington State, U.S.A. Molly is her other poodle shown in the picture.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Joan for providing her permission to publish this story.

Article Written by Doris Morissette,

Registered Nurse retired after 23 years.

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