Reiki vs Emotion Code: What Christians Need to Know

Updated: May 29

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It seems as though the term “Reiki” has become synonymous with the term “Energy Healing”, therefore many Christians have asked me if The Emotion Code is the same thing as Reiki.

There are indeed similarities between the two, since both deal with “Energy Healing”, but there are vast differences when it comes to spiritual matters.

The last couple of decades have brought exciting discoveries in the world of “Energy Healing”. There has been an intense study of the field of energy surrounding our cells which has been called the biofield.

The fact that there is a field of information surrounding our cells has now been proven as a scientific fact. You may be shocked and saddened to discover how the purpose of finding how this biofield works and how it can be manipulated, is not to validate any type of healing energy, but rather to enable “direct communication between humans and AI through the biofield”. 1. Pause for a moment and let that sink in!

If you need “proof” that these methods work, with scientific validation, please look for a soon to be released article on this subject called: Validating Energy Healing and The Biofield through Science. This will include a section on Muscle Testing. Christian concerns will be certainly be addressed.

But we digress.

According to the International Center for Reiki Training, there are over 30 different kinds of Reiki “with more being channeled all the time.”

The style selected for comparison is the style of Reiki founded by Dr. Usui in 1922. This is likely the most known and popular “style”.

The information in the comparisons below you will find direct quotes from the respective websites. References to the websites where information was collected are provided below.

The information has been presented in this manner for the reader to quickly see how these two modalities differ.

Comments Regarding Reiki

Reiki practitioners say that the laying on of hands like Jesus did and imparting energy makes it safe for Christians. But, is that the truth?

Indeed, Reiki practitioners feel strongly about this. After declining an offer to receive a Reiki session, I was told: “Fascinating you are not comfortable with the laying on of hands as Jesus called it?”

Here we see a good example of deceit where partial truth is mixed with falsehood.

Let us examine why that is so.

Yes, Jesus laid hands on people.

That part is correct, however, there was no channeling involved.

To clarify the meaning of “channeling”, we will look at the online dictionary called Lexie to find the definition. “Channeling” is defined as serving as a medium for a spirit. 13.

Channeling (which Reiki practitioners do) is defined as consulting with spirits. There are at least ten scriptures between the New and Old Testament scriptures that warn against consulting a medium.

Channeling does not line up with scripture.

Although the laying on of hands is seen in scripture, there is a caution associated with that practice. It says: “Do not lay hands on anyone hastily, nor share in other people’s sins; keep yourself pure.” 1 Tim 5:22

Although Reiki is made to appear good, it has some troubling aspects to it.

Comments Regarding Emotion Code

1. One common negative comment about the practice is the use of a magnet. The

magnet acts to erase the emotion.

2. Whilst Dr. Bradley Nelson advocated the use of a magnet at the beginning, he no

longer advocates that.

He says that the body has its own electromagnetic field and that is enough to “erase”

the emotions using the electromagnetic field of your hand. Doing this can be likened to when you erase the hotel room key memory using a magnet.

3. Did your eyebrows just go up? At the thought of “erasing” an emotion? How is that


4. Perhaps because emotions have frequencies.

You see, “All emotions are energy.... and have a vibrational frequency” wrote Shawna Freshwater, PhD in her article called Understanding Emotions.

To give another example of the validity of emotions having frequencies, you only have to read David Hawkins. MD, Ph.D., Power vs Force. He suggests that emotions have measurable energy.

5. Did you notice that the source of the information gained during an Emotion Code

Session is directly from the subconscious mind of the client? This is a direct connection

between the energy field of the practitioner and the client. There is no other source of information. It is a direct connection as there exists between two cell phones. The fact that there is a field of information is proven. 1. above

6. God can be glorified here as the practitioner is encouraged to pray to God for wisdom.

7. Does Emotion Code bring glory to God? Yes, it can since the wisdom to put The

Emotion Code together originated in as a prayer to God for wisdom. The Emotion

Code is simply a chart; just a simple tool.

Dr. Bradley Nelson continued to observe how other parts of the body could hold imbalances. Therefore, to the original chart of The Emotion Code, he added a whole body of charts which he called the Body Code. Body Code includes charts of body systems to help uncover the root cause of discomfort, sickness and suffering and so as to restore balance.

How Do We Decide What Is Acceptable?

We have been conditioned to judge a matter by what we can see, feel, and measure. Even Jesus told us to judge a tree by its fruit. That is something we can see, feel, and measure. We describe these things through a branch of physics called Newtonian.

But what about very small objects, high-speed objects and mysterious things ancient cultures called energy fields, chakras and auras, and energy healing? Things that are now in the category of Biofield Science. Do these really exist? How do we measure these? Not using Newtonian physics.

Reliable measurement and validation requires a different branch of physics which we call Quantum Physics. We rely on the findings through the field of Quantum Physics to explain these mysterious things which were accepted by ancient civilizations. It is only recently that scientific testing can begin to validate ancient wisdom.

If looking into the how and why of Energy Healing, please look for our next article called Validating Energy Healing and Biofield through Science. This will include a section on Muscle Testing. Christian concerns will be included.

If you have additional questions regarding whether or not The Emotion Code is safe for Christians, you may want to check our previous article, Christian Answers for Emotion Code, Muscle Testing and New Age Questions. Link is here.

Thank you for your interest!

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