Putting A Smile On Her Face

Updated: Mar 1

Do you still have some clients that have lengthy and difficult times “processing” after an Emotion Code session? What we discovered today should change all that for you.

Try implementing this in your next session and see if your clients also respond this well. This will give you another “tool” in your toolbox to make you more efficient and able to get results faster. We want to provide top service to our clients and that is what this is about.

Session Goal - Get Rid of "Hot Buttons"

It started while doing a session on a relationship that created “hot buttons” for a client. Her relationship with her brother was not good and she wanted to be able to have interactions with him without it “ruffling her feathers”. The first emotion we found was “hatred”. We cleared that. Then the next emotion “peeved” came up. The client could not remember anything special happening at the age specified and commented that there were so many times she felt peeved by her brother. So the next logical question to ask was: “Are there any more trapped emotions of 'peeved' we can release today?” Yes, there were! It happened there were an additional 14 more. So we released all those.

Then We Found Some Walls

Then, because I found this to be true with previous clients, I asked the question” “Would there be a wall of just “peeved” emotions?” Yes, there was! Now, we could have just gone about taking that wall down. But, instead, I asked, “How many walls are there?” There were nine! Then the next question was: “Are these walls around different organs?” The answer was “yes”. We then proceeded to find out which organs and how many trapped emotions of peeved around that organ before taking that specific wall down.

After the second organ wall was cleared, the client reported feeling lighter. After the third organ wall was cleared the client had an epiphany. She said, “that was what was keeping me from loving my brother!” After the fourth organ was cleared she felt a “release”.

Bonus - We Eliminate "Processing" Issues As Well

I then had a thought and asked her “Do you think this is what might have been responsible for your having such a miserable time “processing” after doing a session?” She agreed that it might be. I then asked, “By what percentage will this help you to process easier?” The answer was “84%”. Since this was so startling, I asked the client (who also knows muscle testing) to verify if that was accurate. She confirmed the accuracy.

By the time we finished clearing all the organ walls, we both had a smile on our face. She said she felt she could now love her brother and that she could actually interact with him socially without getting her “feathers ruffled”. In addition, she felt she could from now on, be able to “process” after a session without difficulties. This was life-changing. And we only released two emotions and some walls!

A "Two For One" Success

So if a client tells you that a certain emotion is common in her life, consider the steps we took today. You might just set her free from more than one problem!

And for the “icing on the cake” here is how the client reported feeling 7 hours later: "I still feel like I am floating around on a cloud. I still have a big smile on my face."

Just got to love that Emotion Code. It changes lives!

Article Written by Doris Morissette,

now a retired nurse after 23 years as Registered Nurse

Your Secret for Success, www.RestoredForLife.com

has many success stories that may inspire you.

Her Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/restoredforlife/


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