Neck Pain Gone! Thanks, Body Code!

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Doing Emotion Code & Body Code at the start of your healing journey might save you money. Neck pain was preventing Mary from returning to her employment - even while utilizing physiotherapy, chiropractic & massage therapy - Until she discovered Restored For Life.

Why should you read this? One reason only - regardless of what part is hurting you now, this story may help you - or someone you know.

The Story Begins

The story began about nine months ago. That is when Mary was in a car accident. Her neck hurt so badly that she could not operate her small business anymore. Just sitting at the computer and trying to focus was sheer torture - in spite of all her efforts.

After two months of repeatedly making rounds to chiropractor, physiotherapist, and massage therapist - round and round the circle we go - she was back to where she started - still in debilitating pain and unable to return to work.

It was getting to be tax time, and her clients needed her to finish up their bookkeeping, but the pain and physical restrictions just would not let her work.

Remote Is Just As Effective

It was then that she told me about her problem. Working "remote" only (also called 'email') and sending her the feedback each time was the method she chose to have this done.

After the tenth one, I asked her how it was going. She had not given me much feedback until then. So I was shocked to learn that she had forgotten to go to all those other appointments - because she really did not need them anymore!

The Proof Is In The Pudding?

She visited me about a month later. With my nursing assessment eyes, I carefully checked her over. She could carry her briefcase, and do all kinds of regular, natural movements without pain - and with a smile! She could not turn her neck as she wished. There was no more pain or restriction on movement. The problem was gone!

She had never had any Emotion Code done on her before, but she was healthy and robust before the injury, which probably contributed a great deal to her full recovery.

Here we are nine months later, and Mary is still doing well with her neck. This story shows how trapped emotions and other imbalances keep us from full functioning, and how removing those sets us free. This dramatic story is just one of many.

What Issue Do You Need To Eliminate?

Want to get to the root of your problem? This way forward might just be part of your answer - and you might save your money if you incorporate these at the beginning of your healing journey.

Mary thinks so.

We wish to thank Mary for giving permission to share her story here.

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