Sleep Issues Gone! Heart Beats Normally Now!

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

"Losing my sleep issues and gaining a heartbeat that was now in the normal range are just two of the many benefits I received through The Emotion Code" (EC). We are grateful for Shelby telling us her story, and this is published with her permission. The following is in her words:

How I Found Out About This

"One year ago The Emotion Code (EC) was unknown to me. I had never heard of the method, let alone The Body Code. A fellow mom in a support group mentioned this EC to me and sang praises regarding its effectiveness for her family. I immediately purchased the book and read it cover to cover upon receiving it. I was hungry to implement the methodology.

One of the next times that I was scrolling through Facebook, an EC group showed up as a suggestion, so I joined. The first post that I saw when scrolling the group was the post that Doris had put in seeking participants to help her attain her certification. It was purely divine intervention.

Doris is Genuine and Compassionate

We spoke on the phone and had the most pleasant conversation. Through the past year and a half of working with her and I have gained not only purer health but also a friend. She is genuine and compassionate about her craft; a true rarity.

Eliminating Insomnia & Sleep Paralysis

One of the first issues we conquered sold me on the effectiveness of this EC. Getting to sleep and staying asleep as well as sleep paralysis had plagued me since I was a child. After several sessions with Doris, I was able to fall asleep swiftly and sleep through the night. Truly miraculous.

Conquering Fast Heart Beat

Next, as she was certifying for Body Code (BC), she applied this BC to our sessions; taking the healing to a new level. We focused on my fast heartbeat. This issue had won me not only one cardiology specialist but three different types, all of whom were recommending a heart surgery and medication. Doris began to work on it, chiseling away at the trapped emotions that were squeezing my heart causing it to act erratically. My baseline heart rate slowly drifted down from my “normal range” in the 120s down into the 90s and finally down into the upper 70s. Before my eyes, this miracle happened!

Other Benefits Noted

I have experienced many other benefits such as improved self-confidence, feeling more integrated, greater clarity of thought, a greater sense of being in the moment, as well as possessing a greater ability to tune into my patients (I am a Registered Nurse).

My children who have also had sessions have also bloomed in many ways – but that is another story!

I Am Cynical By Nature

I am cynical by nature, wary of the simplicity of the foundations of emotion code and body code. The success was undeniable. It just works, and I no longer think of “how” or “why” too much thought, I just trust and know that it works."

Thank you, Shelby, for sharing your story with us and giving your permission to print it here.

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