House Clearing Successful For Quick Sale!

Have you ever wondered if your house had "bad energy"? Did you know you could get rid of that?

Did you know that our living spaces can also absorb negativity but it is not able to let it go like we can? You might need help in this regard.

And if you are in the market to sell your house, you might want to consider having that done!

Here is a testimony from a satisfied client with her story of how this was a benefit to her situation.

One Happy Benefit

"We have had our house up for sale for 3 years. Different real estate companies had their crack at it. Yesterday, the very first person to go through the house since the house clearing put in an offer and we are accepting it. The offer was pretty close to our asking price.

Doris Morissette cleared our house. She said it had only 3% positive energy so she had a lot of work to do. Different real estate companies had their crack at it so likely it was the negative energy that was holding it back.

Come to think of it, the house never "felt" right and we have had trouble finding and keeping good tenants. Wonder if that was why? Anyways, good news. We are signing the papers today.

Thanks, Doris, that is a load off our mind! And thank you, Dr. Bradley Nelson, for creating such wonderful tools as The Emotion Code and Body Code.

BTW, the picture is a "stock" image of a house. For privacy's sake, we are not using an actual picture of the house. Thank you."

S.V., Satisfied Client, Manitoba, Canada

At the request of the client, this testimony was held back until everything was finalized. Which it is now. The client and her husband are happily looking for their new house today. And they are smiling!!

Need Some Spring Cleaning?

This is time for "spring cleaning". Need yours done?, Your Certified Body Code Practitioner, has experience doing just that.


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