Emotion Code. Money Is Tight. Where Should I Start?

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Where Do We Start?

Is your money tight? Wondering where to start the process? The Emotion Code/Body Code (EC/BC) is designed to help find the source of emotional pain and remove it. These things can block the body from healing and operating at its best.

The Energy Restoration (using BC) addresses the core of our energy system - where everything starts. Generally, three to nine sessions are needed to accomplish this. I have found that clients who begin there will usually need fewer sessions overall to arrive at their goal with any healing tools.

Once this foundation is laid, we can more effectively and quickly address any additional issues you may have.

Remember, all this work provides permanent and cumulative results.

This Is A Process

This is a process - as is any form of restoration.

I have had clients come to me after trying all sorts of healing modalities - often for decades before finding EC & BC. After getting results, the typical response I receive from them is that they wish they had started with the EC/BC work before they had started anything else. Why? The benefits they had received would have saved them money.

Please let me stress there is no magic bullet anywhere.

These recommendations are simply to provide you with the best foundation possible to get you “there” – wherever your “there” is.

Got Money/Business Issues?

If you are dealing with financial issues and are looking at the Abundance Breakthrough, please still start with the Energy Restoration (ER). Why?

It has been seen that Heart Walls are also removed in the process. These Heart Walls can be big barriers in business relationships. Since business usually requires interactions with people, we might say: Better interpersonal interactions = better business?

The Abundance Breakthrough Program is designed to first identify blockages to your financial issues. Secondly, this is designed to identify your current alignment with these goals. We can then measure and quantify your progress as we remove negative and limiting beliefs.

Your Finances

The larger the problem, the more I would urge you to pace yourself so that we can comfortably and affordably get to your goal. Most people choose to have a session once a week. If you need a predictable amount to fit into your budget, you might want to decide on how many that would look like in a month and budget accordingly.

Remember, in the story about the Tortoise and the Hare, it was the methodical, steady pace of the tortoise that won the race. The hare got great initial results but quit along the way, so he never achieved his goal.

Methodical and steady wins the race.

Want Some Proof?

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