Body Code for Sciatica Pain Freedom!

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Good-by, Sciatica! Hello, Freedom! ...

The following is how Susan summed up her response the day after our Body Code session to address her sciatica pain. Here are her exact words:

"I am thrilled to say that I am pain-free! Yea and Whoo Hoo!!!

I am slowly able to climb stairs, three times from the basement the other day and that is huge. More flexibility is allowing me to practice some gentle yoga. All is good and getting better every day."

Even more exciting is the following news received recently from Susan:

"It has now been eight months since that one session, and there has been no more sciatica pain!"

She also added: "The leg is getting stronger with much more movement in it now."

Never Had a Session Before?

Now, it would be important to say that Susan is someone who has had a lot of "energy work" done on other matters in the past. It seems that people who have cleared many things previously can respond this dramatically to just one session. I suppose you could liken it to removing all the mud floating around in the river first so that you can see your target.

Just wanted to mention that, in case you have never done any work to clear out painful emotional "debris" from the past. If that describes you, it may take us additional sessions to get you such a dramatic response.

Does Body Code Produce Lasting Results?

Below is the full "testimony" Susan was kind enough to provide us eight months ago. This testimony has been held back all this time to verify that this modality is effective to produce long-standing results. Thank you, Linda, for allowing us to share your joy with us! The following is in her own words:

What Susan Has To Say:

"I am so blessed that I experienced my first Body Code session with Doris Morissette. Doris is very attentive, and her voice is very calming. Even being a remote session I could feel a secure connection with Doris and a calming vibration came thru my whole body.

Doris’s background in nursing allowed clarity as we discussed the details of my sciatic pain I had been experiencing for over a year. She was very compassionate to my situation as she expressed she had experienced sciatica as well.

The pain had been a constant stabbing “ice pick to bone” sensation under the glut area. Major discomfort occurred even sitting a few minutes, and I was severely limited walking. Walking my dog had come to a complete halt, social activities were not an option, and I stopped going out of the house, except to get provisions, which was a “slow go” and exhausted me because of the pain. I avoided using stairs and had to sidestep stairs on the descent and only use the right leg to ascend any stairs, dragging the left leg along.

The day of our session the pain level was 7. Doris began the Body Code treatment, releasing many Psychic Traumas which had attached to the sciatic area. The pain area began to change temperature, becoming very cold and tingly, almost numb. Doris and I agreed that this could be the inflammation leaving the area. And then for the first time in over a year, I felt no pain!

How could this be? I was a bit skeptical, and focused my intention on where the pain had been…indeed there was no pain!

This pain relief gave me hope that I could be “whole” again and not have to live in this broken body.

A Feeling of Lightness and Joy

A feeling of lightness and joy came over me.

During the removal of negative energy cords, I had an image of a porcupine with the quills standing alert. I sensed these “spikes” being plucked from my spine, feeling the spine becoming “unstuck” and I noticed I was sitting taller.

The age connected to all the emotions that Doris shared “was spot on.” I quickly recalled the situation we were able to release it.

Pain Decreased From A Level 7 to a 2

The pain subsided from a level 7 to a 2. I slept very well that night. The next day the area around the original pain site was tender as if I had done a hard work out. I have an awareness that the muscles have to release the tightness and be gently stretched to return to full function. Here I am a week later….I can sit comfortably, flexibility in my entire body is returning, and my gait has improved dramatically. I am practicing yoga and stretching out the hip and leg, and slowly starting to climb stairs. Before, no exercise was possible. Now I only have discomfort that fluctuates depending on my activities of the day and how hard I push myself. The former pain does not exist.

I have to remember to honor the body temple and allow the healing to take place slowly.

I am more motivated and have been told I look vibrant and even sound “lifted up” on the phone.

I Feel Alive Again!

My first “outing,” three days after the Body Code session was to the Art Museum. I am thrilled to share that I was able to walk and enjoy the entire exhibit comfortably. I feel alive again!

Doris’ kindness, compassion, and knowledge of The Body Code have given me hope.

With much gratitude to God, Dr. Bradley Nelson and lovely Doris.

Peace and Love, Susan Lengle"

Thank you Susan for allowing your testimony to be published. This will bring hope to many.

Article Written by Doris Morissette,


Registered Nurse retired after 23 years. Certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner. Your Secret for Success, has many success stories that may inspire you. Licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association.

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