Heart Wall

Got A Heart Wall?

Most of us have one.  Sometimes it starts as early as before we are born.

That is ok.  That is how we protect ourselves.  Something happened that was too much to deal with - so our subconscious helped us out - to stop that pain from hurting us again.

But afterward - once the event is over - the wall remains there.

And the wall keeps getting taller, higher and thicker with each overwhelming emotion that is added to it. 

We cannot see or feel it with our senses, but it is very real in the subconscious.​  It was made to keep out "the bad", but it can now also keep out what is good.  It can be a big barrier to being and doing and can keep us from getting to where we want to be.

You might have one, too.

 Sound Familiar?


  • on the "outside looking in"

  • not "belonging"

  • numb and empty

  • anxious/depressed

  • "stuck" but do not know how or why

  • disconnected/frustrated

In children, you might see excessive:

  • anger

  • destructiveness

  • aggression

  • unhappiness/depression

In pets:

  • suddenly timid or aggressive, unable to walk correctly

  • or any unusual new symptom that has no physical cause

  • especially following some kind of traumatic event

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, it is quite possible that   a Heart Wall might be the cause.

Want the fastest way to do that?

We can take these down the old-fashioned way, emotion by emotion, or we can use the Energy Restoration program which will do all that more quickly as well as gain additional benefits.

You may not have heard about Energy Restoration because this is a proprietary system unique to Restored For Life.  People have been wowed by the results they received.


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