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Doris Morissette, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner & Certified Body Code Practitioner

Doris Morissette,  Retired Nurse

Recently, while I was looking for a way to resolve my teeth clenching/grinding and allergies, I discovered The Emotion Code.  It worked where nothing else did.

I started noticing improvement early on, so was determined to stick with it as I saw the good results of removing the hidden obstacles that had been hindering me all these years.  


The very first time I tried this on a friend, it produced immediate results.  The lady just breathed out a sigh of relief, slumped her shoulders down and tilted her head forward.  Her facial expression and muscle tone were that of someone under the influence of a powerful tranquilizer.  ... The results came in an instant. The emotional pain she had carried for years from those certain toxic "trapped emotions" - was gone! 

I was hooked.

After a 23 year career as a Registered Nurse, I am now professionally  "helping people" again - which is richly rewarding as a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner.


Feel free to check out some the results. Please see the Success tab on the menu above to start.

Mission Statement

To alleviate suffering.

How much simpler can you get?  Three words.  


My earliest memory was at 3 years old. Someone got hurt.  My immediate response was to rush forward and "make it better".  That is the core of who I am.

My Spirituality

G-d our Father, in His goodness and mercy, answered Dr. Bradley Nelson's prayer for wisdom, so as to put together this modality for dealing with troublesome emotions.

I am grateful to be involved in the process.

I have great respect for Dr. Nelson to openly admit to his religious beliefs and his prayer life.  I also say a silent prayer for my client prior to starting each session.  


Like Dr. Nelson, I depend on G-d our Father to guide, direct and give wisdom and I also close the silent prayer "in the Name of Jesus Christ."  

I have thought long and hard and even sought the advice of my spiritual adviser to discern if this modality is suitable for Believers.  He is a very wise man.  I told him of my concerns about this being called "energy medicine" which could mean it is "New Age".  Also about the references to "energy meridians" and in some instances, "chakras".

If you want greater depth regarding these subjects please see the sections Bonus for Believers and The Science.

If you are a Believer  also trying to determine if this is for you, here are the words of advice I can pass on to you from my spiritual advisor:

"There are so many things that G-d has given us.  He has given us intelligence to solve the problem at hand. He gave us more than just Western medicine.  His hand is seen throughout the universe.

At the beginning of time, G-d spoke and said:  "Let us make people in our image, to be like ourselves. They will be masters of all life."  *

We are to be 'masters of all life'.

We are to discover what is in the earth and dispense the remedies found to the people.

G-d has provided a remedy.


G-d has provided a remedy.

It is my delight to accompany you on your journey to wholeness.

And to G-d be the glory!

Doris Morissette,

Your Certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner

On duty as a Registered Nurse 1999

*   If you speak more than one language, you know the difficulties that can be encountered when translating.  For example, in French, we have a saying:  "Dans la lune." which literally translated means "In the moon".  We use that term to indicate that a person is daydreaming.  If you were to translate that, for example, Jane is "in the moon" while speaking to someone in another language, they will think you are nuts.  But if you said Jane is "daydreaming", they will understand.  This is the problem universally encountered in translation.  The reason this translation was quoted is that it is the earliest reliable record we have of what was likely intended.  The statement "They are to be masters of all life." makes more sense than any other version, e.g. NJK, NIV, or NLB.

Following is the translation from the NLB and you will see how it is limiting:  

The trasnslation was taken from: The New Jewish Bible Translation according to the Traditional Hebrew Texts.

Other translations used on this site  come from the New Living Bible, NLB.


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Doris Morissette 

Retired Nurse (23 years as Registered Nurse)

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Certified Body Code Practitioner

Not far from Winnipeg, Manitoba

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