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Are you anxious, stressed out or in pain?

Take a minute.  Are you anxious, stressed out, or in pain right now?  This is your body talking to you!  It wants your help!

This safe & effective method based on cutting-edge science is your answer.

As much as 90% of your issues may come from unresolved negative emotions called "trapped emotions".  Release these and your trauma and drama can be avoided!

Our client success stories published on this site prove it!

Benefits for Children

Just 3 years old, from a loving family and what you see in the "before" picture pretty much sums it up. His transformation can be summed up in 3 phrases:


"better able to focus"

"cooperating with instruction"

"wanting to connect with people"​

The "after" picture says it all. ~ R.V. Canada

Almost immediately I noticed her eyes changed, they became clearer.  Last night she was so loving and happy, an slept really well .... most nights prior she was restless. 

My once defiant child is now happy, loving and a much better listener.  


Amanda, Indiana 

Benefits From Removing My Heart Wall

  • ​Negative self-talk - 80% gone!

  • Able to claim my power.  Receiving increased respect from my peers & business associates.

  • Increased confidence both as a business leader and in the game as an athlete.

  • Improved athletic abilities.  Crushed my physical training.  My personal trainer was "wowed".

  • Able to be "in the flow", or as elite athletic trainers describe it:  "unconscious competence".  That means I can focus undistracted, on the results I want, not on "how" to do it.  This is how winners, win.

  • A better husband and an improved relationship with my wife.

How are all these benefits possible?  

Simple, you are just removing the obstacles in your path.

This is the foundation for all the rest.

~Kurtis, Manitoba, Canada

Recent Blog Articles (Testimonies)

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Success Stories



Has helped with:

Limiting Beliefs,

Acid Indigestion, Aggression, Pain in Arms, Fear Of Small Spaces,  Pet Issues, Straighter Foot Alignment, Anxiety & More ....



Has helped with:

Limiting Beliefs, Sleep Issues, Nerve Pain, Rashes, Focus Issues, Behavior Issues, Disk pain , Spine Alignment & Pain After Accidents & More...



Can lead to divorce, and may be at the root of destructive & dysfunctional relationships.   Benefits seen in distress behaviors as well as spine issues.

energy restoration

The best foundation to speed the rest of your journey.   A prorpietary program using the same tools, but aiming them to achieve core coherence as well as  faster heart wall removal. 

Recommendation from:

Christianne Baggen, psychologist, and therapist from the Netherlands



"During and after my studies to become a psychologist and a spiritual therapist I’ve done a lot of work on myself. Also, I went to retreats and educated myself further.

But part of the unconscious layers of emotions that can create blockages in the body and energetic system I haven’t been able to reach fully and completely and that is what your method seems to focus on.

In that sense, I’m becoming more aware of how the work you are doing can be a valuable addition to the work of psychologists and counselors."

Perhaps This Sums It All Up?

For most of my life I have lived in very unresourceful states.  Since my early twenties, I have suffered tragedy physically and mentally.  In my mid-thirties,  I started medicating to help me get through my days. In my early forties I suffered my biggest loss and lost all desire to continue.  I have tried all the modern medical and suggested natural methods with little to no success.  Within 3 months of working with Doris my life has completely changed and I now live in complete peace with myself.  Everyone has noticed!  Thank you Doris, my suffering has ended.  ~  Brian, Satisfied Client

I want to relay some feedback to you about our session that was several months ago. This last one has had really long lasting effects and strength. 

Whenever I do an emotional code session with you it seems to get stronger and stronger but this last one seems to have permanent effects. I feel a more protected strength from what was threatening me. I greatly appreciate you work. I just wish everyone could feel it effective.  ~  Dan, Satisfied Client




Since concluding the Energy Restoration and doing a couple more sessions after that, I notice:


  • Each day I feel more peaceful and have greater mental clarity.

  • No longer seem to get irritated with the public I serve.

  • Able to use a better choice of words/how I express myself

  • Concluded that the results of our sessions are cumulative and permanent.

Christine, Satisfied Client

Note:  Restored For Life cannot guarantee any specific results.  None of our testimonials constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of any individual using The Emotion Code™ or Body Code™ for any particular issue or problem.

Ready To Get Restored For Life

Hi!  My name is Doris and I went from just barely surviving to actually thriving. You can see it on my face (to the left).  

I've also known pain, suffering, shame and all kinds of sickness and infirmities, and would love to help lead you out to your own place of thriving. How long will it take?  Everyone is different, but I do know this - persistence should get you"there"!  My testimony is coming out soon. 

Be sure to fill in the contact  form to let me know how I can help you and we will get started as soon as possible.  Look forward to  hearing from you!


At the very core, we are made of energy.

It makes sense to address the energy aspect of our healing from the very beginning of any health journey. This is what Restored For Life can do for you. 


Most of our clients have come to Restored For Life . com after spending years, if not decades, searching for answers with their pain and challenges.   They have learned, this work, is the missing piece they have been looking for all along. 

They have expressed their wishes to us.  They wished that they had started here.  Had they done that, it would have saved them so much grief, time AND money!

Thankfully, they found this was the puzzle piece they required, to finally have the life they envisioned!

Energy healing is widely recognized as an effective and valuable tool.  You may wish to incorporate our services along side with whichever conventional medical therapy you are utilizing.  

We are happy to work along side you on your healing journey.  

All published testimonies have received written as well as, verbal permission by our satisfied clients.


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Doris Morissette 

Retired Nurse, CECP, CBCP,

Not far from Winnipeg, Manitoba

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