Restored For Life 

Benefits for Children

Just 3 years old, from a loving family and what you see in the "before" picture pretty much sums it up. His transformation can be summed up in 3 phrases:


"better able to focus"

"cooperating with instruction"

"wanting to connect with people"​

The "after" picture says it all. ~ R.V. Canada

Almost immediately I noticed her eyes changed, they became clearer.  Last night she was so loving and happy, an slept really well .... most nights prior she was restless. 

My once defiant child is now happy, loving and a much better listener.  


Amanda, Indiana 

Emotion Code & Body Code



Has helped with:

Limiting Beliefs,

Acid Indigestion, Aggression, Pain in Arms, Fear Of Small Spaces,  Pet Issues, Straighter Foot Alignment, Anxiety & More ....



Has helped with:

Limiting Beliefs, Sleep Issues, Nerve Pain, Rashes, Focus Issues, Behavior Issues, Disk pain , Spine Alignment & Pain After Accidents & More...



Can lead to divorce, and may be at the root of destructive & dysfunctional relationships.   Benefits seen in distress behaviors as well as spine issues.

energy restoration

The best foundation to speed the rest of your journey.   A prorpietary program using the same tools, but aiming them to achieve core coherence as well as  faster heart wall removal. 


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Doris Morissette 

Retired Nurse (23 years as Registered Nurse)

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Certified Body Code Practitioner

Not far from Winnipeg, Manitoba

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